FMCG Trends Panel – New Products Development and Route-to-Market


Every year Advisium Group analyzes the KEY Product Marketing and Communication Trends for Food and Beverages Launches in Western Markets. The research covers Foods and Beverages product launches in West Europe (including UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal and others) and North America (USA and Canada) over a period of 24 months.

The report is structured around two main topics: (1) New Product Developments and (2) Marketing communication trends (mostly go-to-market).

Innovation Approach

Our latest report has almost 200 pages of contents plus more than 1.000 product factsheets from recent and relevant product launches and it has been used by leading Foods and Beverages companies in Europe.

Advisium report reach


This is a 100% marketing oriented report. Made by marketing people, for marketing people and focused on analyzing only relevant product launches and go-to market actions. (This is NOT the typical report with tons of useless information and irrelevant analyses, but YES the document with the stuff you really need for planning and launching new relevant initiatives.)

As former marketing directors, Advisium’s founders had the vision of making available the relevant Food-for-thought that a team needs whether envisioning the annual marketing plan or seeking for relevant concepts to inspire new products and concepts development.

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This is an experts’ panel whose analysis is driven by a map of general needstates for consumers and shoppers, from functional needs to emotional needs. As long as each general needstate may be targeted differently, each year we analyze the trends and subtrends that respond to every needstate. In a final synthesis exercise, we come to a list of approximately 100 innovation levers with relevant examples.

The list of innovation levers becomes a framework to drive inspiration in product ideation workshops. EVERY YEAR WE REVIEW AND UPDATE THIS LIST, which is always prepared with examples of relevant adjacent categories, driving inspiration for new concepts exploration. In the end, this kind of workshop is always complemented with convergence and concept elaboration exercises.

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The report is a quick way to get a full snapshot about relevant and innovative launches on the F&B industry. It’s an interesting source of new ideas which fit with your products and markets. The level of elaboration of this report matches the information needs that most marketing teams expect in any leading FMCG organization.

This report brings a new synthetic snapshot on Product launches and Go-to-Market trends, which is very different from what is already available in the market. We do for you the hard work of looking at different markets and sources which are the relevant launches and relevant actions.

Our analyses and know-how are much more solid and relevant than the ones made by staff of renown product database suppliers, whose data indeed may be considered complimentary to our work. We give a marketing vision, prioritization and focus on tangible inspiration.

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Find out more about this outstandingly useful trends report by downloading our: Innovation Trends in Foods & Beverages 2012 (sample report).


You can also contact us and we will be glad to introduce you with an adhoc presentation of this report and to talk any other of our marketing and innovation capabilities.